What is Mobl21?

Are you a Institution?

Today it's all about competition.

Between students, between colleges, for jobs college students are under more pressure than ever before to out-compete and out-perform.

You can give your students a head-start by using technology to extend their learning outside normal hours. Mobile learning enables students to study on the go, using the very same mobile devices (like iPhones, iPods and Androids), that they are familiar with and carry around all the time.

Mobl21 for anytime, anywhere learning

Can you imagine students taking their study notes with them everywhere they go? With Mobl21, they can. Mobl21 is an award-winning application, that enables lecturers and professors to supplement key lessons with study guides, quizzes and flashcards, which learners can then download and review on their mobile devices, or even on laptops or desktop computers.

Here's how it works:

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