Punflay & Mobl21 at MobiLE 2012

Derek Keenan, a professional learning coach in 21st century learning and technology at Bert Church High School in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada presented Mobl21 and Punflay apps at MobiLE 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona.  The presentation titled, The Educational Implications of App Innovations, showcased how developers are beginning to make a difference in education through their products.

Below is an excerpt of Derek’s blog post:

Emantras has a well polished Learning Management System called Mobl21.  The key advantage of this system versus many of the free platforms available is the ability to assign students work in section, units or packages.  These partitioned groups of resources are then downloaded by students in groups on the devices of their choice (Mobl21 supports iOS and Android) and the content is available when students are both on and offline.  This solution is perfect for students going on holiday, as they will have access to school work while they are away.  As the students complete a network, the system sends it back for assessment and/or grading.  While there is much more to say about the Mobl21 platform, a brief outline of the features, functions and benefits is in the presentation I have shared with this post.

So what does this platform offer by way of educational benefit?  I think one could argue that providing students greater autonomy in their learning by mobilizing the platform could have significant benefit for students who take advantage of it.  In terms of students who are not highly motivated, this is a tool that can be used by educational support staff in conjunction with your classroom to ‘catch’ a student up.  The quiz, flashcard and multimedia functionality allow for mini lessons, tutorials and socially connected feedback with the teacher.  In this way, Mobl21 offers a ‘classroom outside the classroom’ setup when the regular classroom is unavailable.

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