Reading, Writing, and Algorithms: New Joint Venture Takes Reading Programs To Any Device

SNAP Learning, a leader in reading and literacy solutions for grades K-6, today announced a joint venture with Emantras, an award winning education technology company recognized for its innovative approach to delivering digital products to educators worldwide.

The new company, SNAP Learning LLC, was formed to meet the growing demand globally for a multi lingual reading curriculum delivered in a digital format that is easy to teach and easy to learn. The company employs a team of talent writers, illustrators, and experienced teachers with decades of classroom experience and a group of highly skilled technicians and programmers. The company has developed 21st Century solutions to meet the demands of the Common Core Standards in vocabulary and comprehension, through direct instruction, modeling, guided and independent practice.
SNAP offers 150 titles for reading levels K-6 grades. The product is also appropriate for grades 7-8 struggling readers.

“Our products are more than just e-books-they are designed as a stand-alone reading curriculum that is interactive and delivered digitally,” said Mark Sullivan, the company CEO. “Our products were created by teachers for teachers to provide an early start to literacy development, English language learning, and support for grade level reading.”

The company offers all its products in a variety of flexible digital platforms, including interactive whiteboards, a mobile version for iPads and Android devices, plus traditional print. Mobile solutions feature text and audio in English and Spanish, interactive exercises, videos, photo slide shows and animations.

“We are currently the only company to offer this one of a kind iPad/Android app powered by Mobl 21, created by Emantras,” said Sullivan. “This app delivers our books, lesson plans, assessments, word books, and interactive activities digitally and tracks student progress in real time to provide immediate web based data for a teacher to differentiate instruction, where and when needed.”

“Today’s learners love engaging with new technologies,” says Emantras CEO Sesh Kumar, “and by offering these products as ebooks with a host of cool interactive features, we find students quickly overcome their initial reticence and become excited to explore the material and measure their own reading progress.”

The company is offering its literacy products for just $89 per teacher, per year.

“We are proud to offer proven solutions at a cost that is affordable to virtually every school district in the country,” said Sullivan. “We are passionate about helping students, particularly those that have fallen behind or have special needs, become skilled independent readers and hope that our pricing model will get these valuable tools into the hands of those who need them most”.

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