Some Best Practices for Mobile Learning

Implementing Mobile Learning

With mobile learning still in its infancy, standards and best practices are constantly evolving. As more institutions begin to incorporate m-learning into their curriculum, they often face issues in content creation and delivery, interoperability, and accessibility to mobile learning resources.

Since learning through mobile devices is still limited both technically (speed of data access, memory capabilities and media support) and economically (cost of devices, cost of wireless data access), while developing standards and best practices we must give consideration to addressing these barriers.

Here are a few best practices to consider:

Minimize Data Entry: Avoid making learners use their phone keyboards too much as these can interrupt learning, and become tedious and time consuming. At most, keep answers to optional choices or short fill-in-the-blanks to check understanding.

Use Text Support: Structure learning material to be used for general reference, like definitions and how-to guides. This may not allow for complete learning material, but can provide learning support through notes, which can be easily read and accessed quickly.

Avoid Costs to Learner: If the student is incurring costs to learn via their mobile devices, that’s a big problem. So while implementing mobile learning keep in mind downloading costs if any, as well as data access costs.

Test Design Approaches: To figure what content works best you need to try different options. Do you provide a text summary and then ask questions? Do you detail a process and then provide visual support? Do you link to online videos? Try multiple options and see what works best for your students.

Provide Offline Options: Downloading information and content is not yet commonplace and can still be a hindrance to many. Content does not necessarily have to be delivered via wireless connection or the internet. You could also offer PC access though memory cards which can then be “sideloaded” to a mobile device.

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