Mobl21 and Emantras participating at Virtual School Symposium 2010

In the next two days, the Virtual School Symposium will bring together over 1,750 representatives from national, state, district, private and other virtual school programs to attend the industry’s leading event in K-12 online learning. Experts in K-12 virtual education will have networking opportunities; learn about the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in e-learning; interact in session presentations; and gain access to the latest research and best practices reports.

Emantras will be showcasing Mobl21 and TIE at Booth 21
Emantras engages learners with immersive interactivity and gaming, empowering learning content to be published to mobile devices tablets, widgets, gaming devices, and portals.

Mobl21 – Mobile Learning Made Easy
Mobl21 allows educators to create content in the form of multimedia study guides, quizzes and flashcards, which learners can access anytime from their mobile devices, enabling them to study and revise at their own pace. Mobl21 also offers multi-point interfaces over the web, mobile devices (including Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and Google Android) as well as through desktop widgets.

TIE – Virtual Learning Platform
TIE (Totally Immersive Education) is a virtual e-learning platform that enables interactive, fun-filled learning through an engaging object based model. Using storylines and graphic 2D / 3D environments, the platform provides rich learning content that facilitates easy learning and recollection.

Visit us at Booth 21!!

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