7 ways to make mobile learning fun!

How to make Mobile Learning Fun

Here are ways in which you can help students to start turning to their mobile phones for learning.

1. Hold a “Dextrous Dexter” competition to see who can find and submit the most number of definitions for a particular word.

2. Text message a Bonus Question AFTER the test and give marks to the first 5 right answers received.

3. Hold a mobile phone treasure hunt. Have students find and photograph (using their phones) five different types of flora and fauna. You could also have them identify or research what they’ve found, on the go, for extra points!

4. Get students to tag places they’ve visited on to a map application like google maps. Then have them start sharing and collating their knowledge of each place with photos and information.

5. Holding an election or just taking a poll? Have students send in their secret ballot through text messaging. This information can then be gathered and tallied with greater accuracy and less error.

6. Encourage students to make online Pals with kids of their age in other countries and have them learn about customs, language and culture, which they can then share in class.

7. Describe some small facts of a famous personality, and have students use their phones to figure out who it is.

For more ideas on how to incorporate mobile learning in your classroom click here.

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